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Light Rail Now and Walkable Neighborhoods (LRN) can be contacted at:

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More ROAD Warrior "Numbers Voodoo" Against Capital Metro

The following report has been slightly adapted from a News Release dated 19 July 2000 and issued by Get Around Austin, Inc., a coalition of Austin's technology leaders and executives who support the proposed Austin light rail initiative as part of Austin Mayor Kirk Watson's regional transportation plan. The group hopes to educate and engage the technology workforce to come out in large numbers to support the rail initiative in the November vote. The A-train e-campaign is located at For further information, contact:

Donna Holland
(512) 451-1558

Anti-Rail Attempts to Attack Cap Metro Operating Performance Fail Again

The ROAD anti-light rail group continues to spread inaccurate information about Austin's Capital Metro transit agency in an attempt to distort the Austin light rail debate and damage the transit agency's reputation. The CapMetro bus system, which operates with the second highest ridership per capita of any peer city in the nation, is being accused by ROAD of slanting its operating performance statistics by running empty buses that are only subsidized by University of Texas (UT) shuttle service ridership.

To the contrary, the UT shuttle service represents only about 1/3 of CapMetro's total daily ridership, about 34,000 passenger-trips, during a typical school-year weekday. 120,000 people board all CapMetro services each day, while UT is in session. Averaged out over the course of a year, the shuttle service accounts for just over 20 percent of CapMetro's total boardings. The truth about Capital Metro is available in federally reported statistics provided by the agency.

"This is yet another way ROAD is trying to avoid the fact that Cap Metro has been turned around and is Austin's greatest untold success story" said Ross Garber, founder of the pro-light rail group, Get Around Austin. "ROAD can't seem to convince the public the A-Train is a bad idea, so they continue to fall back on the legacy reputation of CapMetro, even though it is now ranked as having the fourth lowest cost per rider in the nation among peer group cities."

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