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Light Rail Now Project
Planning and Public Outreach Resources

Light Rail Now Project Team – April 2005

The Light Rail Now Project and its sponsor and publisher, Texas Association for Public Transportation offer a wide array of professional services, in addition to the Light Rail Now! website, to assist in the development and improvement of of rail transit projects and operations. Our community of professionals includes expertise in transportation planning, engineering, public outreach, and other specialities, with decades of experience in planning procedures, federal planning requirements, and other relevant issues. Here are some areas where our pool of resources may be helpful in assisting specific communities:

· Planning – Assistance with rail transit conceptualization, development of modal and design alternatives, initial feasibility evaluation, analysis and assessment of associated studies and recommendations, informed input into ongoing system planning and development.

· Outreach – Presentations and seminars to prepare agency personnel and community supporters for public outreach campaigns for public information and education on transit issues and mobilizing community resources for transit ballot initiatives.

· Operations Evaluation – Survey and evaluation of public transport operations with a particular focus on passenger information, fare collection, employee interaction with passengers, and user-friendliness.

· Resources Clearinghouse – Referrals to a variety of appropriate professional services for specific public transport planning, engineering, operations logistics, and public outreach tasks.

· Professional and Advocacy Networking – Referrals to forums, mailing lists, and other resources for assistance with rail transit planning, advocacy, improvement, and development.

For further information, please contact us:

Light Rail Now Project
A Program of Texas Association for Public Transportation
9702 Swansons Ranch Road
Austin, Texas 78748
Phone: (512) 282-1149

Updated 2005/04/24


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