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LightRail_Now Discussion Group

· "Bus Rapid Transit" Analyses

· Monorail Analyses

· Heritage Trolleys

· Light Rail Success Stories

· New LRT Systems Planned

· Political Campaigns for Light Rail

Light Rail Progress can be contacted at:

Light Rail Progress

North American Organizations Supporting Light Rail Transit

USA – National & Regional

APTA – American Public Transportation Assoc. (operating and planned):

CFTE – Center for Transportation Excellence:

NAPTA – National Alliance of Public Transportation Advocates:

Light Rail Central – North American Light Rail information:

Public Transit Website:

New Electric Railway Journal:

Vintage Trolley Website:

The Secret Worldwide Transit Cabal:

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New Jersey Association of Railroad Passengers:

The Third Alternative:

Texas Rail Advocates:

RailroadData.Com Railroad Links Directory
Railroad links directory and search engine.
Featuring links to over 4,000 railroad websites, is one of most popular railroad
resources on the web. Features include a search
engine, list of popular sites, user ratings and more.

Railroad news and information site featuring
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US Rail Passenger and Advocacy Associations

Canada – National & Regional

Transport 2000 Canada:

Canadian Urban Transit Association:

Victoria Transport Policy institute:

Urban & Regional Rail Transit (USA)

Albuquerque in planning

Albuquerque Rapid Transit Project

Rails, inc.(Albuquerque)

Atlanta proposed

Councilman H. Lamar Willis

Cathy Woolard - Atlanta City Council President

MARTA - Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority

Austin in planning

Capital Metro (Austin, Texas)

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Sierra Club, Austin Regional Group

Texas Citizen Action


Baltimore MTA

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Action Committee for Transit

inner Purple Line Campaign

Coalition to Build the inner Purple Line


Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority

Alternatives for Community and Environment

Arborway Committee

MBTA RailFan webpage

MetroPlanet - Boston webpage


Niagara Fontier Transportation Authority

Citizens Regional Transit Corporation

Charlotte (NC)under development

Charlotte Transit Planning

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Citizens for Efficient Mass Transit

Cincinnati proposed

Alliance for Regional Transit (Cincinnati)

Cleveland operating

Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority

Columbusin planning

Central Ohio Transit Authority


Dallas Area Rapid Transit

McKinney Ave. Transit Authority


Denver Regional Transit District

Transit Alliance

Denver Light Rail Map


Detroit Department of Transportation

Detroit People Mover

Detroit Transit Options for Growth

Transportation Riders United

Honolulu proposed

The Bus (City and County of Honolulu Department of Transportation Services, HDOTS)

HDOT (Hawaii Department of Transportation)

Committee For Balanced Transportation


Houston Metro

Katy Corridor Coalition

Hudson-Bergen Counties (NJ)operating

New Jersey Transit

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New Jersey Association of Railroad Passengers

Little Rockunder development

Los Angeles – Southern Californiaoperating

Los Angeles County MTA

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Transit Coalition

Friends of the Red Line

Friends of the Green Line

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Friends 4 Expo

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Southern California Transit Advocates

Louisvillein planning

T2 - Transportation Tomorrow (Light Rail Planning Project)

Madisonstreetcar, regional rail proposed

Downtown Trolley, inc.

Transport 2020

http://City of Madison Streetcar Study

Memphisheritage streetcar operating, modern light rail in planning

Memphis Area Transit Authority (MATA)

Memphis Light Rail Discussion Group

Minneapolis – St. Paulunder development

Hiawatha LRT Basic Facts

MnDOT LRT information

Minnesotans for Light Rail Transit

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Transit for Livable Communities

PRT is a Joke! website


New Jersey Transit

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New Jersey Association of Railroad Passengers

New Orleansoperating

NORTA – New Orleans Regional Transit Authority

New York Cityproposed


Vision42 (LRT for 42nd St.)

Norfolkin planning

Hampton Roads Transit

Omahastreetcar system proposed

Metro Area Transit

Omaha Streetcar

Orange County (Ca)in planning

Orange County Transportation Authority - CenterLine Project

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Southern California Transit Advocates

Transit Advocates of Orange County


SEPTA – Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority

PATCO – Port Authority Transit Corporation

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LTK Engineering Services

Philadelphia Trolley Tracks

Phoenixunder development

Phoenix - Valley Metro - Light Rail Project

Yes on 400 - Phoenix


PAT - Port Authority Transit

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Brookville Equipment Corp.


Tri-Met (transit agency)

Portland Streetcar

Portland Metro (MPO)

Portland Transit (community support)


Rochester Rail Transit Committee

Rochester Trolley & Rail Corp.


Friends of Light Rail

Sacramento Regional Transit District (RT)

Saint Louisoperating

Metro (Bi-State Development Agency)

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Citizens for Modern Transit (St. Louis)

Salt Lake Cityoperating

Utah Transit Authority/TRAX (Salt Lake City)

SugarHouse Trolley Association (heritage streetcar project)

San Diegooperating

San Diego Trolley

San Francisco – Northern Californiaoperating

San Francisco Municipal Railway (Muni)

Bay Area Rapid Transit

Modern Transit Society (Northern California)

Market Street Railway

San Joseoperating

VTA - Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority

Seattleregional rail operating; LRT under development

Sound Transit

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People for Modern Transit


Sound Transit

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People for Modern Transit

Tampaoperating and in planning

Tampa Rail Project

Tampa Streetcar Project [operating]

Tucsonoperating and proposed

Old Pueblo Trolley [operating]

Tucsonans for Sensible Transportation

Citizens for a Sensible Transportation Solution

Washington (DC)metro & regional rail in operation; LRT streetcar project under way

Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA)

District Department of Transportation

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Action Committee for Transit

inner Purple Line Campaign

Coalition to Build the inner Purple Line

Urban & Regional Rail Transit (Canada)


Calgary Transit


Edmonton Transit System

Citizens for Better Transit


Toronto Transit Commission

SCRiPT (St. Clair Right-of-way initiative for Public Transit)


LRT Economic Opportunity Study

Victoria Transport Policy institute


Rapid Transit Task Force

Unofficial Winnipeg Transit Online

international Rail Transit

Light Rail Transit Association (international)

Light Rail Atlas (Netherlands) website

Robert Reynolds' Subway Page

Lightrail DK (Denmark)

Railway Gazette international website

Worldwide Railway and Rail Transit industry Sites

Transportation and Mobility

Transportation Action Network (Surface Transportation Policy Project)

Sprawl Watch Clearinghouse

Georgia Regional Transportation Authority School Project on Traffic and Transit

Affiliate Organizations
Light Rail Progress
9702 Swansons Ranch Road
Austin, TX 78748
Voice: (512) 282-1149
Fax: (512) 282-5621 Email:

Light Rail Progress publishes fact sheets and provides an informational Email list and online discussion lists.
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Texas Association for Public Transportation
9702 Swansons Ranch Road
Austin, TX 78748
Voice: (512) 282-1149
Fax: (512) 282-5621

NAPTA – National Alliance of Public Transportation Advocates
1666 K Street, NW, Suite 1100
Washington, DC 20006
Phone (202) 496-4827


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