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This page seeks to list all the various LRT systems currently proposed, planned, or under development.

if you know of an LRT system not listed here, please contact us with the information.


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New Rail Transit Systems Proposed, Planned, or in Development


Albany - rapid LRT proposed
Albuquerque - regional rail under construction, LRT proposed
Arlington, Va - streetcar system planned
Atlanta - regional rail and streetcar projects in planning
Augusta, Georgia - streetcar system proposed
Austin - light regional railway project in operation, urban light rail system proposed
Bayonne - streetcar in development
Birmingham - rapid LRT proposed, streetcar system in development
Boise - LRT (interurban, streetcar) proposed
Boulder - streetcar proposed
Charlotte - historic trolley upgrade under construction, modern LRT planned
Charlottesville - streetcar proposed
Cincinnati - streetcar LRT project under way; interurban LRT proposed
Columbus - LRT (interurban, streetcar) in planning
Corpus Christi - streetcar proposed
Dayton - streetcar proposed
Des Moines - LRT streetcar proposed
Detroit - interurban and streetcar LRT, regional passenger rail proposed
Denton - regional rail in development
El Paso - LRT streetcar system proposed
Fayetteville, Arkansas - LRT or regional rail proposed
Ft. Lauderdale - streetcar and rapid LRT proposed
Ft. Worth - regional passenger rail planned, streetcar proposed
Fresno - streetcar proposed
Glendale, Ca - streetcar proposed
Grand Rapids - streetcar proposed
Harrisburg - regional rail in development
Honolulu - rail rapid transit planned
Huntington, WV - heritage streetcar proposed
Huntington Beach, Ca - LRT proposed
Indianapolis - rapid LRT proposed, streetcar proposed
Jacksonville - light regional railway and LRT streetcar proposed
Kansas City - rapid LRT proposed
Lancaster, Pa - heritage streetcar proposed
Las Vegas - proposed
Louisville - LRT proposed
Madison - regional rail and streetcar proposed
Memphis - heritage streetcar in operation, modern LRT planned
Miami - streetcar projects in planning
Milwaukee - streetcar LRT project under way; interurban LRT and regional passenger rail proposed
Minneapolis - modern LRT in operation, streetcar proposed
Montgomery, Alabama - heritage streetcar proposed
Nashville - regional "commuter" rail project under way
New Haven - streetcar proposed
New York City - various light rail/streetcar systems proposed
Norfolk - interurban LRT project under way
Ogden - modern streetcar proposed
Oklahoma City - LRT (interurban and streetcar), regional passenger rail proposed
Omaha - heritage streetcar proposed
Orange County (Ca) - LRT (interurban or streetcar) in planning
Orlando - regional passenger rail project under way, rapid LRT in planning
Phoenix - regional passenger rail, streetcar system proposed
Providence - streetcar proposed
Raleigh - regional rail system in planning
Reading, Pa - streetcar proposed
Reno - modern streetcar proposed
Richmond - heritage streetcar proposed
Roanoke - heritage streetcar proposed
Rochester, NY - Various LRT systems proposed
Salem, Or - streetcar proposed
San Antonio - proposed
Savannah - heritage streetcar (self-propelled) project under way
Seattle - Regional rail and modern streetcar in operation, interurban LRT project under way
Spokane - light railway proposed
Stamford - light rail streetcar proposed
Tampa - historic streetcar in operation, modern LRT streetcar proposed
Toledo - streetcar proposed
Tucson - heritage streetcar system being expanded, LRT proposed
Tulsa - streetcar system proposed, regional passenger rail proposed
Union County, NJ - LRT project under development
Waco - LRT streetcar proposed
Washington - LRT in planning
Winston-Salem - streetcar project in planning
Yakima - heritage tourist streetcar system being expanded into transit line

Ottawa - LRT project undr way
Vancouver - Light metro in operation; LRT project under way
Victoria - LRT proposed
Waterloo-Kitchener - LRT in planning
Winnipeg - LRT proposed


NOTE: Articles on new worldwide light rail transit startups are in preparation.
Light Rail Now! recommends the Light Rail Transit Association
(both website and Tramways & Urban Transit magazine)
as an ongoing source of information on these new systems.


Algiers - under development


Angers - under development
Brest - under development
Reims - under development
Toulon - under development


Jerusalem - in planning
Tel Aviv - project under way


Sassari - under construction


Vilnius - in planning


Lagos - in planning


Bergen - in planning


Barcelona - under construction
Madrid - projects under way


Keyseri - in planning

United Arab Emirates

Dubai - light metro under development

United Kingdom

Edinburgh - in planning
Leeds - in planning
Liverpool - in planning
South Hampshire - in planning


Hanoi - under development


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