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Light Rail Now and Walkable Neighborhoods (LRN) can be contacted at:

Light Rail Now!
107 W. Eighth
Austin, Texas 78701
Phone: (512) 494-9841

Austin Light Rail Campaign: 2000

(Archival Material)

Light rail supporters have long contended that automobiles, light rail, buses, bicycles, pedestrian access, and other forms of mobility are all part of an integrated mobility system. A front-page Austin American-Statesman report emphasizies that "... a growing body of transportation research concludes that cities cannot concentrate on roads alone as a means of controlling traffic congestion and must work toward a combined approach of better transit – with light rail as an example – as well as expanding highways." More...

Austin's Light Rail: Tough Questions, Sober Answers

An interview with Karen Rae, general manager of Austin's Capital Metro transit agency provides some very honest, sober, and realistic answers to some very tough questions on light rail. it's followed by some additional analysis of the traffic congestion issue by Light Rail Progress. More...

Austin: Public Meetings Consider Routes, Costs

Capital Metro recently held a series of information Sharing Meetings, focused on route and cost options for the proposed light rail transit/Bus Rapid Transit system. Light Rail Progress supports a basic route plan which optimizes engineering, cost, and ridership for the initial startup system. More...

Austin Light Rail Plan: Support Grows

As public support continues to increase for Capital Metro's proposed light rail transit (LRT) system for Austin – including the 14.6-mile starter line from northwest Austin to downtown – the battle for public confidence has also intensified. A special report from Light Rail Progress. More...

Campaign Grows for Light Rail in Austin

Austin Texas's first light rail transit (LRT) project is scheduled to be submitted to a popular vote on November 7th ... and the campaign to secure this goal has begun. Supporters say LRT would be a mobility and environmental improvement of truly massive scale for Austin. More...

Light Rail Now! and Walkable Neighborhoods

Light Rail Now! and Walkable Neighborhoods is a grassroots organization supporting light rail in Austin. It includes representatives from and members of a wide range of Austin organizations, including taxpayers, conservatives, liberals, moderates, homeowners, renters, students, teachers, motorists, cyclists, pedestrians, current transit riders, seniors, transportation activists, businesses, environmentalists, labor unions, trade groups, neighborhood advocates, persons with disabilities, and many others. More...

More ROAD Warrior "Numbers Voodoo" Against Capital Metro

The ROAD anti-light rail group's disinformation campaign continues with misrepresentations of the ridership on Austin's Capital Metro transit agency. The pro-rail group Get Around Austin sets the record straight with accurate facts. More...

Austin: Anti-Rail ROAD Warriors Flip-Flop

The anti-rail ROAD organization opposing Austin's light rail plan has begun to contradict its own proposals for confronting Austin's emerging transportation crisis. More...


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