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Light Rail Now! Austin Is a grassroots group of volunteers that support light rail transit. We seek to educate communities about the benefits of light rail and promote the adoption of rail systems.

LRN is supported entirely by dedicated volunteers from all walks of life!


Our Position
· A high-quality transportation system provides a diverse array of integrated resources for its users. Like high-quality roads, highways, sidewalks, bicycle facilities, and buses, light rail will be yet another option in the "mix" of transportation systems and therefore, provide another alternative from which citizens may choose.

· When properly planned, integrated, and delivered, light rail enhances a community's quality of life, provides mobility, promotes economic growth, connects workers to employers, facilitates tourism, eases pressures on existing congested roadways, and produces minimal pollution.

· Bus service should remain the cornerstone of transit authorities, enhanced by and integrated with light rail service. Reduction of bus services or in capital investment is not an acceptable "trade-off" for light rail.

· Community stakeholders must be active and meaningful participants throughout the planning, alignment, design, and construction phases of the light rail initiative.

· Light rail presents a new, potentially dynamic variable to what is already one of America's most important and vibrant assets: its neighborhoods. The unique role that residents have in preserving the health and determining the vision of their neighborhoods should be respected and protected.

· Efforts to plan, build, and retrofit communities that connect neighbors to neighbors are complemented by light rail. Where these efforts require proposed changes to existing zoning and/ or variances, the process should be characterized by early, recurring, significant discussion with, the active interaction of, and the cooperation and collaboration of those neighborhoods impacted.

· Light rail is an important investment in a community's future.


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