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What is Light Rail?
Light Rail is electrically powered and runs on tracks, either on railroad right-of-way or tracks in city streets. Some people describe it as an updated version of the trolley cars, which were used in most major cities from the turn of the century to the 1950s. However, today's light rail vehicles (LRVs) are faster, quieter, safer, more comfortable and can carry up to 420 passengers (including sitting and standing passengers on a three-car train) in other words, it's a good idea made better.

See video page for LRVs in action.

See computer simulated photos of LRVs in Austin.

Once again, since LRV's are powered by electricity from wires above and therefore, are extremely quiet and emit no harmful emissions.

LRVs usually run on their own separate guideways (lanes), so the vehicles do not get caught up in congestion like automobiles or buses.

Portland Light Rail Vehicle

Denver Light Rail Vehicle

The LRVs are fully accessible and mix well with auto, pedestrian and bicycle traffic. (in fact, you can take your bike on a LRV).

Light Rail Systems can serve several different purposes, such as reducing congestion, promoting a cleaner environment and spurring quality economic development.

Other Facts about Light Rail

· LRVs are not like freight trains or passenger trains. They run on upgraded tracks that are quiet.

· LRVs travel at speeds appropriate for where they are running. For example, they will run up to 45 mph on long stretches of open right of way, but will slow to slower speeds to match street traffic or in pedestrian areas.

Dallas Light Rail Vehicle


Computer Simulated Photos of LRVs in Austin (click for larger image)






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