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Light Rail Transit has such a profound effect on communities that, it's easy to see how it can be something that everyone benefits from.

The Challenge

People who benefit from light rail


The Challenge ...

It's estimated that more than 80,000 new people will make the Greater Austin Area their home within the next year. And most of them will bring their cars with them.

How will we accommodate the influx of new traffic? Most likely, we won't. Building new road capacity--even if we had the money and space--will never keep up with the pace of added traffic congestion.

Therefore, Light Rail Now! promotes a balance of transportation modes--automobile, transit, bicycle, and pedestrian--along with telecommuting and flex time for area workers to help combat the problem.

The idea is to keep moving, and to make sure that when we move we respect the people, environment and neighborhoods of Austin. in particular, the area faces challenges in managing air quality and protecting water quality.

With that in mind, Light Rail Now! finds that the most effective and environmentaly friendly way to increase our balance of options is for the construction of a light rail system.

The following characteristics make light rail an ideal solution for the challenges facing Austin:

· Vehicles move people. A three car train can carry up to 420 people or more.

· Light Rail avoids congestion. Since it runs in its own right of way (lane or track), it isn't stuck behind traffic, and cars aren't stuck behind it.

· it runs on electricity. Light Rail is therefore quiet, and does not emit harmful pollutants.

· The schedule is dependable. Unlike buses, which are subject to traffic and boarding delays, light rail runs on a dependable schedule that gets people to their destination quickly.

· Stations can promote quality development. Because planners want easy pedestrian and bike access to stations, development around the stations is designed for neighborhood compatability.

· The bus system benefits. Buses act as feeders for light rail systems, and thus they would enhance crosstown routes for Austin.


Just a few people who benefit from Light Rail...


"I think for me personally, light rail is going to save time and energy, especially in getting downtown to th Capitol, the Children's Museum or to big events. Now we can go together as a family and not have to worry about parking or traffic."

Amy Chamberlain and daughter Ellie, Rosedale Residents



"To keep our central city alive and vibrant, we've got to make it accessible. Light Rail represents a critical step in that direction."

Chris Riley, Attorney and Downtown
Neighborhood Association President


"Light rail has so many benefits. I like it because the schedule is dependable and it's so accessible.

It also would create a more effective bus system."

Audley Blackburn, Braille consultant



"My time is valuable and I don't like to sit in traffic. Light Rail is fast and convenient...Plus, I can relax, read and enjoy the ride without dealing with the craziness on the roads. Light Rail will help make Austin a world class city without destroying it's local flavor."

Roz Anderson, Event Coordinator

"I see light rail as combating sprawl. Over time, it will provide a focus for development that's more pedestrian and bike friendly."

I'd be riding light rail to work everyday. It's faster and the schedule is more dependable than buses, since light rail isn't subject to delays from bad weather or congestion."

Kenneth Marsh, bicycle commuter

"As a disabled non-driver, I'm excited about Light Rail as a another option for transportation.

It's a tool to further enhance our quality of life here in Austin."

Marilyn Rogers, Teacher at Brentwood Elementary School








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